Gary Sumner reflects on the success at Texas Grand Ranch

Success is a relative term.

To the families who own a Patten property, it means finally finding that missing piece to their lives they didn’t expect to ever find or think would be possible.

To our sales team, it means being appreciated by the leaders and the customers equally for the hours spent ensuring our customers are thrilled with their purchase and are seeing the same value in the property as we saw when we worked to bring it to the community.

To me, success is knowing that we’ve been able to create this tremendous opportunity for families to own a piece of land and to watch our vision come to fruition is pretty special.

I’ve been in this business for 35 years and I’m passionate about what I do, there isn’t a day that passes that I don’t love what I do. I enjoy putting these communities together, putting our team together and working with local contractors and vendors, knowing that we are facilitating positive change to an area. And on Saturday, at our most recent sales event at Texas Grand Ranch, that was never more clear.

It was a perfect day. From the administrative staff to the sales team, to our management, to the outside vendors, everyone came together and made each moment a valuable experience. I’m so proud of our team! We have such a talented group of experienced and dedicated land professionals that work seven-days-a-week by their own volition.

But it pays off, we hit our 200th sale! And to do it in the presence of Walker County and Huntsville dignitaries, to know they appreciate the work we’ve done to bring this development to the community, solidifies, for me, that when I saw this property a couple of years ago and felt it was right, is, in fact, the case. This is what the North Houston community wanted.

Ultimately, the reason I believe Texas Grand Ranch is so successful is that it is a low density, environmentally sensitive development that brings the country lifestyle close to the city. People are able to enjoy the country, the Sam Houston National Forest and have space between their neighbors. Also, they are able to have easy access to work and retreat to an acreage homesite. But it’s not just the lifestyle, our value proposition is second-to-none. We are able to provide two-to-five acre properties as low as $59,900 just 45 minutes from downtown Houston and 20 minutes north of The Woodlands. People are able to sense that this is an incredible opportunity in a growing county and is close to everything they need and enjoy country living.

Overall, it was a fun day and I’m proud to know we were able to provide property to customers that wanted a new place to call home. Can’t wait to open up the next phase in a couple months!

Thank you,
Gary Sumner