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Patten Goes Public

Patten is incorporated and becomes a public company and begins buying and selling rural land in the northeast. Annual sales grow from $33 million to $136 million per year.

In Annual Sales


Ranch Developments

Patten purchases and develops over 30k acres in ranches out west, which are subdivided into 35 to 350 acre parcels, generating $10’s of millions in sales.

  • Red Creek Ranch (30,000 Acres)
  • Majors Ranch (35,000 Acres)
  • Twin River Ranch (40,000 Acres)


Coastal Land Boom

Patten opens land offices throughout the southeast with a focus on coastal waterfront communities. Annual sales grow from $100 million to $280 million.

In Annual Sales


New Condo Business

The 2008 recession birthed new condo business! Patten purchases 51 condo projects, totaling 3,000 units at a cost of $190 million. All units are liquidated over 3 years amounting to nearly $300 million in sales.

In Condo Sales

2010 – 2020’s

Texas Land Boom

Patten opens up multiple offices throughout the state of Texas with an emphasis on both rural and residential communities. Units sold grow to over 1,000 annually and annual sales grow from $50 million to $150 million.

In Annual Sales


The Present

Patten Properties is actively developing and selling a dozen projects in the South encompassing some of the largest and fastest-selling developments in the state of Texas. Patten Properties is actively seeking exceptional pieces of land and is the industry leader in identifying the HBU (Highest and Best Use) of potential land developments.

Customized, Full-Service Sales & Marketing Program

Explore the benefits of our sales and marketing services.

When you partner with Patten Properties, you get a customized, full-service sales and marketing program designed to increase results. With this support system, we have the ability to oversee an entire project from conception to completion.

Sales Services

  • CRM Training & Lead Management
  • Database Management
  • Sales Staffing & Training
  • Performance Statistics
  • Sales Plans & Goals
  • Inventory Management
  • Event Sale Planning & Management

Benefits to You

  • High Sales Velocity/Volume
  • Well-trained Sales Staff

Marketing Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Ad Placement Negotiations
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • Ad Tracking
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Advertising
  • Digital & Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Audio & Video Production

Benefits to You

  • Economies of Scale in Purchasing
  • Immediate Implementation
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • More Efficient Ad Spending
  • Detailed & Accurate Reporting

Meet Our Management Team

A third-generation land company, Patten Properties has over one-hundred years of experience in Real Estate.

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