Patten Companies hires locals first

When working with a family company, inevitably, you too become a part of the family. We’ll call you in the middle of the night excited about a new idea, we’ll make you laugh when we tell you about our adventures in culinary exploration (we should really stick to steak) and we’ll make you cry when we tell you things like, “thank you and welcome home,” but most of all, we’ll make you proud to be a Patten.

Not only do we ensure when we join a community, we become an intrinsic member of that community by not only giving back (like the time we donated $5,000 to the New Waverly Fire Department) but by hiring only local businesses when it comes time to turn the land into functional and livable homesites.

When we hired Jacob Slott from Slott Construction to put in our roads, the initial reaction was shock. We had this massive project, Texas Grand Ranch and we were going to go with a small, newer company based out of New Waverly. But as Renee Howes of R. Howes consulting advised us, just as she did with our Managing Partner Gary Sumner about the land that is now Texas Grand Ranch, we knew Jacob could not only handle the job but do it with integrity and grace.

So, thank YOU, Jacob and we’re proud you chose to work with us, too.