There ain’t no rainstorm strong enough to keep you from getting to us, babe.

From the littlest feet on up, Patten Companies had everyone covered with rain boots this past weekend, after all, we weren’t going to let a little rain stop us and YOU from seeing the homesites you’ve come to make a home.

“We were worried we’d made the trip up to Texas Grand Ranch for nothin’, seeing the rains, but our sales guy solved that problem,” said one client about the gesture!

And wouldn’t you know it, it was FUN! As parents explored the 2-t0-5-acre lots starting at $59,000, kids splashed in small puddles made by a few rainy Texas days.

What could have been a disaster was foiled by the thoughtful Patten Companies salesmen.

Quickly realizing the storms were causing a problem, one where customers driving through Houston traffic were going to be doing it in vain since they wouldn’t be able to walk around, Patten Companies salesmen ran out and purchased boots in different sizes, ready for clients to borrow, or keep, and continue their exploration into Texas Grand Ranch. Despite most of the development being covered with roads, the homesites themselves are still naked Earth ready to be molded into homes, so there were some muddy parts.

It’s stories like these from the field that make us proud to be a part of the Patten family. Find out more about Texas Grand Ranch by calling: (888) 618-1595, and just maybe, pick yourself up a new pair of boots!